Wednesday, June 20, 2012




haiiii.Ya Allah.. blog anak sape lah ni ditinggalkannye habuk2 dan sawang2 serta keturunannye bermaharajalela! *AMARAN. BLOG INI SEDANG DALAM PROSES MEMBAIK PULIH* almaklumlaaa tak jenguk blog for about 3 years already?hewhewhew. and now I'm back again utk membebel! yeayyerss! mengisi kelapangan kekosongan hati la katekan cewahh. touching sgt uolls. hmm skrg baru ade feel balik nk menulis blog. yup skrg aku tgh menjiwai perasaan penulis2 kat luar sane yg tgh kekeringan idea. bila takde idea ibarat tgh memerah kain kering yg xkan keluar airnye. kikiki. okay before I'm going overboard and talk crap for nothing..

For a kick-start. here,what I've been listening to lately. very deep...I could feel it... 

and who do you think you are?running 'round leaving scars,
collecting your jars of heart and tearing love apart..

so don't come back for me,don't come back at all...

p/s: Remember even how hard your life you are going through now, take the good side of it and learn from your mistakes. Good things do take time BUT will come after as a MIRACLE. positive,positive! *note-to-self * :) 

Alrite till then! 

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