Thursday, June 21, 2012

25 marks for FREE!

Assalamualaikum all!

Good morning both Malaysia and Egypt! huwaaa it's today that my flight back to Malaysia and the summer break has started! wohooo! it's only 3.05am local time and almost Fajr. "bangun2 semua solat subuh!" bila izrail~datang memanggil,jasad tterbuju di pembaringan!

Referring to the title above, i bet you might be wondering why? what?like seriously?? yup. as soon as i got this HAPPY news I was quite relieved. err I still don't get it..? okay2 let's clear all the confusions. it's about my Pharmacology practical exams (p.s- Pharmacology is the study of drugs.) which we had the last 2 days. So basically this exam was supposed to be estimated one and a half hours (10-11.30). but as soon as the time strikes 10.55a.m, suddenly we heard the announcement"you've got 5minutes left". i was like "okayy i haven't done my 2 drug prescriptions yet! but I thought it ends in another half an hour??" still with my doubt bout the timing and there, I was like a bee rushing into completing my answers! the situations were quite hectic at that time, MCQ answers for 5different cases of disease haven't finished,the completed ones need to re-check, the prescriptions needs to be perfectly done etc etc.. arghhh tensed a bit! BUT I managed my timing good so I finished everything just in time! phewww. LEGA~

I heard quite chaos between egyptians outside my exam hall but I didnt notice what's actually happening so I ignore. 

Then i found out that,they were egyptians didnt satisfy about the timing and an arguements  between the student and doctor. still I..Ignore

THANKS to my friend sharing bout what had happened, now i know both the problems and solutions : 

1) all students get 23 marks , for the 30 min lost (see,told ya!)

2) the egyptians student who took the egyptian papers are run to windlow trying to throw them, will be suspended for 2 years and get punished

3) the student who screamed at dr,tarek's face and talked improperly will be set to punishment session, the result of which will be decided later,teach adab session, yani )

4) the higher committe for exam evaluation shall look meticulously into the exam issue and investigate the level of exam compared to time

5) any ammo who was resposnsible for any mistreatment to any student, either verbally or physically "dindt happen, the physically part" shall be set to the legal affairs and investigation committe of college to see what can be done

6) any person who has any individual complaint , shall go and submit it..

click the link below to see "Zagazig Uni med students, we are famous now! we are on the news! fight for justice! "

600 of students from the Faculty of Medicine

Thank God behind everything,there's always something good comes after. we thought we would lose our marks just like we lose our half an hour. ingat senang ke nak dapat markah free?? even 1 mark is a border between life and death! Alhamdulillah~ 

Let's just keep praying for our exam results! remember. Allah won't waste our efforts. just believe it okay?

huwaaaa ngantuknyeee! i just took a 2hour nap before and again tidying my rooms for the 2nd last rounds before it's left empty for few months. ok lah see you when I see you! dah berangan2 sampai KLIA etc ect..doakan la everything is easy and smooth,especially my luggage!

till then! take care! daa~


  1. wa beznya bljr kat bez lg d ngara sndiri...hihi

  2. Alhamdulillah rezeki :). Hehe betul,hujan emas di negara org,hujan batu di negara sendri. Hati tetap malaysia yg the best. Tapi kat mane2 pun best asalkn kite enjoyyy hehe