Monday, October 19, 2009

home alone tonite..again.

this is not about the movie. well you know the one that was starred by Macaulay Culkin (kevin). no no no.
I mean husna & k.nazila overnight lg kt cairo. dorg bz with the zakat perak. since smlm lg.
so xpela..hana berani! haha.

lapar. no idea at all nk masak pe.
tgk fridge.
ermm..ayam (dh msk smlm), ikan (xde slera). aha! sotong! so the result... have a look at the pic below. nasi, kari sotong n telur dadar with sos. bolela..mkn sorg je pn.

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  1. wahh,dh update!
    rajin2 update~~