Monday, October 19, 2009

home alone tonite..again.

this is not about the movie. well you know the one that was starred by Macaulay Culkin (kevin). no no no.
I mean husna & k.nazila overnight lg kt cairo. dorg bz with the zakat perak. since smlm lg.
so xpela..hana berani! haha.

lapar. no idea at all nk masak pe.
tgk fridge.
ermm..ayam (dh msk smlm), ikan (xde slera). aha! sotong! so the result... have a look at the pic below. nasi, kari sotong n telur dadar with sos. bolela..mkn sorg je pn.

after so long..I'm back! :D

Pecal mlysia mari...

waaa damn excited after so long i quit this blogger thingy. ahah. somehow it's just that this topic suddenly pop out in my mind. well..

sy sgt gembira! dpt pecal dr malaysia! hahah.hmm u guys must be wondering what 'pecal' is. Ia adalah sejenis makanan tradisional org2 jawa. huhu.dimakan bersame mihun, timun, taugeh, kangkung n kcg pnjg celur dlu ye tuan2 n puan2. (agak skema, ignore it plz?) & sy baru je belajar mkn tuu. mmg sedaaapp. *big grin*

bersih lg berseri- meja study. aim: paper beg.

pecal, bluetooth device, 8G pendrive, daun limau purut, serai.

p/s: tq asyraf tlg bwkkn. asyraf ni agak jiran la kt msia, tggal same kt puchong, our parents know each other very well. lately dia nampak happy coz rasenye tgh bahagia dgn aweknye d malaysia mayb? ahah :))

oh btw, in conjunction with my 1st bro's anniversary which is tomorrow, october 20, turning 7th dis year. I would like to wish may abg aden and kak yana happy ever after (like cinderella plak). with their increasing amount of children( I hope so). n grandchildren etc etc.. moga mereka murah rezeki n diberkati
Allah selalu. AMIINNN.
abg akak..LOVE U both! *hugs* :)

auntie miss u both! Ryann Darnis & Amir Amsyar.

Amir Amsyar- their 1st child. My 1st nephew, he once said he loves me more than anyone else. aww~ ;)

Friday, January 2, 2009

my 1st official blog..;D

Greetings everyone!
New year with a new blog..yeahh finally!